Casual forest excursions in Espoo

Piece of Forest lowers the bar for going into the woods. On our trips we enjoy the wild nature, good company and delicious snacks. Welcome to a relaxed and easy trip to the second biggest city in Finland, Espoo – all you need to bring is an open, adventurous mind!

Excursions in Hanikka

 Well-being excursion, the Moomin Camping school, nature excurision, arts in the nature, a photography excursion – or something else? Let’s plan an excursion together to meet your needs! Read more >>

The Moomin camping school

Come and join Moomin and Niiskuneiti on a forest excursion! We encourage children and families to spend time outdoors and in the forest through stories and the presence of Moomin figures. Read more >>

Take a commuter train into the wild

Only a train ride away in the Central Park you can find diverse nature from the wild forest to the traditional open fields together with some amazing historical sights like old stone formations. We will trek around the nature reserve of Fiskarsinmäki and in the residential area of Lasilaakso and stop to have our packed lunch in the nature. Read more >>

Take a metro into the wild

Nature inside the city. Birdwatching in the Laajalahti nature reserve. Diverse architechture and a snack break by the sea. Go on and take a metro into the wild! Read more >>

Nature lectures

Piece of Forest also hosts trainings and lectures about the nature and its health benefits. You can order us to host a functional and inspiring lecture for you at a seminar or at your workplace. Read more >>